Injured in an Automobile Accident? You Need Personal Injury Attorney Anthony Girgis

Personal injury attorney Anthony Girgis understands the physical, emotional, and financial hardship caused by an automobile accident injury in Encino. By hiring the Girgis Law Firm, APC, you will be treated as a top priority. You will not feel alone in this matter and you can depend on Mr. Girgis to assist you in every step when dealing with your automobile accident injury claim.

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Need to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? You Need Bankruptcy Attorney Anthony Girgis

Girgis Law Firm understands creditors may cause you a great deal of stress in your life. If you have severe credit card debt, are on the verge of a foreclosure, or are awaiting a repossession, Girgis Law Firm can help you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to obtain financial freedom. Bankruptcy attorney Anthony Girgis of the Girgis Law Firm treats each one of his clients as a top priority.

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Girgis Law Firm prides itself in offering excellent customer service and meeting the goals of its clients. Girgis Law Firm offers free one-on-one consultations with all potential clients to determine the best course of action based on the individual’s unique situation. Girgis Law Firm’s number one priority is to ensure the well-being of you and your loved ones.

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